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Step Back

to a time when we celebrated all life's moments.

At Durst Winery and Estate, our creativity and passion for the highest quality wines runs deep in our roots.


As the original wine maker and founder of Durst, Cassandra always believed quality wines should be affordable and enjoyable every day… on every table. She knew others would agree and believed she could create distinctive and inspired wine from the grapes grown by her neighbors. Cassandra made wine that was to be enjoyed with food, family, and friends.


Cassandra started by hand selecting the finest grapes making Durst Winery a local favorite winery.  Although Cassandra is no longer developing and making the wines, her passion for the best grapes with the highest standards for wine making manifests itself into every bottle of wine. At Durst Winery and Estate, we put quality and taste first, always.

Fairbanks Daughter
The Farm
Durst House
Durst Property 2002
1969 -Durst House Front Door

In Time

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